YUNCH: Yoga and Brunch

Sundays can often be a bit depressing. ‘Sunday blues’ as we often call it. What better way to shake them off than to join us for our next morning Yunch. 

Theresa Moodie

What is a Yunch? It’s simple: Yoga and a Brunch combined. Hosted in the South of Corsica, the the perfect venue for Herbal teas and fresh juices that were served before the class got started. Morning classes were held on the terrace, sheltered from the wind with just the right amount of sunlight coming through. Soft tunes playing in the background while everyone enjoyed a dynamic 60min Yoga practice. Working off any lingering hangovers, stiff muscles and working up an appetite for the feast that Lara was preparing.


Theresa Moodie

The great thing about a Sunday mid morning class is that you can steal a little bit of extra time in your Savasana. With nowhere to be after class except at the outside table, you can reward yourself with a longer resting ‘corpse’ pose at the end of your Yoga practice.

Deeply relaxed, rejuvenated and aligned, brunch is served! 


The aroma of freshly roasted coffee brewing, fresh fruit platters and something particularly delicious coming from the oven had everyone salivating.

Too start, fresh fruit platters made up of berries, melon, mangoes and nectarines with a hint of chilli. Yoghurt parfaits with granola and fresh summer berries, not too mention avo and cucumber platters. Freshly prepared and made with love, the way every meal should be!

A variety of different baguettes, whole wheat and gluten free breads served cheese, local chestnut spread, honey and jams. Everything in moderation and unwinding means enjoying all the finer things in life!


Just when we thought the feast was over, Lara had presented gluten free quiche to the table, light and fluffy with courgette, mushroom and goats cheese filling. Mouth watering and so tasty! Everyone went back for more.


Corsica has a unique way of reconnecting you to nature, surrounded by so much beauty, be it mountains, countryside or the ocean. You automatically start to unwind, relax, restore and rejuvenate.


This experience is even more intensified by daily Yoga practice, healthy food made with love and the company of like minded people. No matter where in the world they come from. For more information about upcoming Pop Up events and Yoga retreats please email







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