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Destination Namaste is based on the principle of bringing similar minded and fun loving people together to share an unforgettable life enhancing experience. Our retreats all share yoga as a common thread, yet every single one has it’s own unique soul and spirit to be sure everybody finds what they need when they join us on the retreat of their choice.

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Santa Giulia – Theresa Moodie

Our exclusive immersive retreats and events are hosted on the beautiful island of Corsica and beyond. As we are based here, we have insider’s knowledge of the best sites to visit, the tranquil secret coves, sacred hiking spots and the best places to host each  unique retreat.

Retreat meals
Meals and Sharing

Hosted by different facilitators and various experts in the field. We always choose partners that we know, and whose work we have experienced first hand to ensure that they share the same philosophy as Destination Namaste. The the same warm welcome, and inspires teaching and healing ethics that ensure an authentic,grounded and professional, life-enhancing experience.


We can also tailor-make retreats and events for you upon request. Fitted exactly to your needs as we work closely with a wide range of yoga teachers, chefs, facilitators and therapists to find just the right people for you. We also have a wide selection of villas and spaces available to suit your needs and levels of intimacy and comfort.

We Support – Eco Travel

Local Producers and Artisans
Seasonal Produce and Cuisine
Responsable Travel to Natural Areas
Building Environmental awareness through Observation and Experience
More Walking, less driving and pooling transport
Less Single use plastic
Refillable water bottles
Non Toxic Products

One of our main intentions and passion behind creating each retreat is to raise more consciousness around various topics such the environnement and our connection to nature woven in through yoga, meditation, art, foraging, observation and experience combined with the beautiful nature of the «ile de beauté » as our source.

Values Dear to our Heart 

An open and transparent environment – A great variety of offerings and participants – Safe and professional experiences – Authentic, experienced and trustworthy community – Clarity of expectations – Great attention to detail – Very present customer service that honours curiosity

Contact: destination.namaste@gmail.com

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