Corsica Isolated Beaches and Coastal Pathways only the Locals know Exist

Once you arrive in Corsica you will quickly become aware of how utterly spoilt for choice you are. Whether you love the ocean, mountains, coastal drives, water sports, horse riding…The island has it From sea it appears to be a white city, gleaming in the sun and hovering above rough waters below on offer in season.


Lucky for me as a Yoga Teacher collaborating with Lara and Destination Namaste for my first retreat it has been ideal besides knowing all the popular tourist destinations and activities, they can share the more hidden treasures with like minded people on their retreats, with sharing yet preserving the island close to their heart.


We reluctantly head out on what started as a windy, chilly afternoon in early Spring, bikini’s packed, not expecting to need them and took a short drive to the start of a nearby hiking trail.


While walking we all commented on how at home we felt, comparing the fauna to many a trail in the Cape, South-Africa. The wind had died down, which is also a familiar trait in the Cape. Following the pathway we found ourselves stopping so often to take photo’s of the breath taking scenery and more importantly to select a beach we could take a swim at, all to ourselves I might add!

The hiking trails are not difficult. A little bit of clambering over rocks and boulders, sheltered from the wind and not too steep a climb at any stage. Plus with the constant stopping and starting you will be doing to take pictures, it will take a moderate level of effort. En route to our private swimming bay I noticed a pile of rocks, as we approached more and more stacks of stones became apparent.


Lara explained to us that these are man made formations called cairns. A word from Scottish Gaelic derivative. These piles are placed by hikers to act as a ‘roadmap’ along the pathway.

We all stopped to take time out and each build our own cairn. I had to laugh at myself, in typical fashion I had to pick the most unstable ledge of a rock and stack my pile lower than everyone else, but somehow sheltered and with a unobstructed view.

We each built a small cairn to mark our presence and set an intention for our future paths. Some people mock this mini ritual but as I reflect on the experience, I feel very happy and reassured thinking of my cairn looking out across the tranquil bay.


A little further around the corner, there it was in all of its picture perfect splendour. The beach we had seen from the start of the hike. Still, clear, turquoise waters, shallow enough to walk far out into the horizon.


Spotless, pristine and unspoilt. Paradise. Somehow conversation dissolves, your breathing settles, your shoulders drop and you come to find yourself exactly in that very moment. Content and in awe of your surroundings.


After quite some time in the water followed by soaking up some sunshine it was time to pack up and head back to the car. A pleasant walk up to the car, not too steep and once again spoilt with panoramic sea views.

A perfect afternoon, great company, sun, sea and scenery!

Article : Theresa Moodie



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