Hiking in Corsica – Capo Di Feno

Corsica is a truly a magical island. It has wonderful beaches, beautiful villages, natural pools and hilly woodlands veined with meandering streams. Coastal Corsica also has a lot to offer our hikers. Here is one of our favourite hikes in the South of Corsica called “Capo di Feno”.


It takes about 4 hours from start to finish. An easy walk along the coast as you admire all the incredible nature around you. One of many hikes to enjoy with Destination Namaste one our exclusive soul enchanting Yoga Retreats. 


L1090989We had the chance to do this walk again recently, with my talented friend Muriel Larie that captures the beauty of the island perfectly with every photo she takes. Here are just a few of many images to delight you. L1090976

Along the sandy path, there were lizards darting about my feet and birds perching on the edge of spiky cacti. We started in La Tonnara heading in the direction of Bonifacio, yet it can always be done the other way around. I think even if you live here all your life, you will never be able to do all the magnificent hikes this island has to offer.


Here they don’t just love nature – they love nature and will do all they can to protect it. Eco-projects abound, from new plans for a marine reserve on its coast to stop overfishing and protect key species – which has miraculously been fully supported and even called for by resident fisherman. Making every inch of the hike the perfect place to meditate, breathe and let go! Come join Destination Namaste for an experience you will never forget. Hikes, yoga, delicious meals….as well as interactive workshops to help you take this experience back with you into your daily routine. contact: destination.namaste@gmail.com



Photograph : Muriel Larie – Website :murielarie.com – Mail : contact@murielarie.fr



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