Portrait of a Passionate Corsican Cheese Maker

This small, family run, cheese factory of Vallicella, is situated in the South of Corsica. A gem in the valley of Figari, within walking distance from the cosy, stone and wood luxury villa where Destination Namamste’s  2016 Yoga Retreat will be hosted, one of many pearls on the to do list with our yogi guests. Enjoying delicious,  fresh, healthy, local produce. 

We felt the need to talk about this special little place for its breathtaking surroundings and its delicious natural, organic cheese. The products truly stand out for their quality and delicious taste. It is run by a beautiful couple, Pia who is half French, half Swedish and Jean-José Marcellesi who is 100 % born and bred in Corsica. Together they have a way of turning everything they do into pure magic.

Jean- José loves his island and feels strongly about protecting and taking care of its natural resources and heritage. He has been a passionate cheesemaker for the past 14 years. Taking care of his herd of about 400 Corsican bred sheep, fed with natural barley, oats, corn and healed only with essential oils and absolutely no anti-biotics when sick.

He makes typical Corsican cheeses from sheep milk such as a “Tomme sartenais”, “Brocciu Passu” and fresh “Brocciu” (a Corsican speciality and my absolute favourite! ) Similar to ricotta, yet without the lactose and much tastier. It can be served with sugar sprinkled on top, fresh strawberries, honey, chestnut liqueur…..divine! Traditional dishes and deserts are also made with Brocciu such as Fiadone (the corsican version of cheesecake) or Swiss chard and Brocciu Tart.

 The hard cheeses are hand pressed, dried on racks, smoked in a wood fire and aged for 3 months or more. Made with love and passion guaranteed, respecting all the factors needed to preserve and protect the islands heritage.  -An absolute culinary must! 

Corse fin 2005-2006 en famille ©PER
Jean-Jo Marcellesi ©Pierre-Emmanuel Rastoin

By : Lara Boshoff


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