In the heart of the Mediterranean, just south of Italy, lies the French island of Corsica (also known as “Kaliste” in Greek, meaning ‘the most beautiful). It is a wild and untouched jewel just over an hour’s flight from Paris. As global travellers, we can attest that there is something magical about this place that leaves visitors in awe of its raw and powerful beauty.

Hiking in Corsica

The spirit of Corsica has been compared to places like India, Nepal, Myanmar and Peru. They are all destinations in the world that reveal the necessity to cultivate a sense of calm, truth and purity in one self.


Corsica is a spectacular granite mountain in the sea, allowing for a vast variety of landscapes from the tip of its summit, to the edge of the sea. For nature lovers it is nirvana. With breathtaking landscapes, an abundance of natural rock formations, a multitude of hiking trails in the “maquis” (a type of fauna and flora which smells heavenly and of which many essential oils are made of and that can only be found in Corsica) it will enliven your senses.


It offers white sandy beaches where you can find solitude, and limitless time and space; a perfect place for yoga lessons, sacred hikes, stand up paddle boarding and more. A true hidden treasure that’s natural beauty we would like to preserve and share with you in the most conscious and respectful way possible to travel. Join us for a once in a lifetime experience on an Island well worth discovering.


How to get to Corsica

Flights: There are 3 airports in Corsica the closest one to us is Figari (Corse du Sud) . The most frequent flights are from Paris, Nice, Marseile or Brussels to Figari.

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