Yoga Retreats Corsica

Upcoming Retreats 2018 We offer retreats and well-being experiences in the heart of the Mediterranean, on the french island of CORSICA…In the South of Corsica, we will welcome you to its beautiful beaches, hiking trails and the scent of the mysterious ‘maquis’ around you.  With the intention of providing an intimate, exclusive experience for all our guests, places are limited….

Hiking in Corsica – Capo Di Feno

Corsica is a truly a magical island. It has wonderful beaches, beautiful villages, natural pools and hilly woodlands veined with meandering streams. Coastal Corsica also has a lot to offer our hikers. Here is one of our favourite hikes in the South of Corsica called “Capo di Feno”. It takes about 4 hours from start to finish. An…