Nature Painting and Yoga Retreat with Paola Beck

Join us on a visual journey within on the Magical Island of Corsica 

Wednesday 13 – Sunday 17 November 2019 5days/4nights

Maximum 12 participants – Yoga suitable for beginners

Retreat in English – Languages also spoken by Paola Spanish, German & Italian



Yoga- Yummy Vegetarian Meals –Visual Meditation sessions

Nature Painting  – Meditative Walks with art as focus point

Art Theory – Sketching  – Exploring Nature – Tuning into your Creativity

Painting in Nature


Join Paola Beck on the magical island of Corsica where we will reconnect to nature, our bodies and minds, through painting, yoga and meditation. Painting is an instinct, follow yours and discover how drawing and painting can give you peace of mind, a greater connection to yourself and your inherent creative spirit. This unique retreat will include nature painting, art theory, free flow sketching, meditative nature walks combining perspective, depth of field and nature as art. Guided evening visualisation meditation work connected to art and so much more.. Previous Retreat : 


You will learn to observe nature from a totally new perspective, as you refine your eye you’ll be able to represent it through different techniques such as pencil, water colour and acrylics. Nature has been the most represented subject together with the human body since our first rituals and depictions on the walls of caverns. I believe everyone has an artist inside, it’s just about loosing our fear, letting go and going with the flow.

Outdoor Painting Workshops

Daily Program


15 h Welcome drinks and Introductions

Free your hands and mind drawing session – Free time

Dinner & Opening Circle

Evening Visualisation Meditation


Morning Herbal tea and snacks – Yoga – Brunch

An Introduction to Landscape Painting (Theory)

A Meditative Nature walk

Basic Color theory and Landscape painting

Tea/coffee and snacks

Free time


Evening meditation -landscape memory visualization


8h30 Light Breakfast

Nature walk, taking pictures, doing sketches

Lunch – Painting session on Canvas (of the landscape we visited in the morning)


Evening Visual Meditation


8h Morning Herbal tea and snacks

Yoga – Brunch

Painting Session of a landscape in nature: Bonifacio (weather permitting)

Tea/Coffee snack time

Interior sketching exercise




Morning Closing Meditation session

Herbal Tea & snacks

Final painting session (either finishing first or second canvas or interior sketch/painting).

Closing Brunch

Presentation of each participants paintings

14h Retreat closes

Nature Painting Corsica

About Paola Beck

Paola Beck is a Mexican-German nomad artist who currently lives and works in Rome, Italy. She studied Illustration but then started painting more and more, and for the last 6 years she has focused mainly on murals, always looking for a positive and constructive message to share. Respecting and honoring nature and our roots has become her main goal.

She has taught in elementary schools and universities across Mexico and has participated in various life drawing and painting workshops. She found a beautiful way of connecting minds and unblocking many of her students that have had the interest in starting to draw or paint through teaching people that never thought it could be possible.

She has painted in artist residencies in Mexico, USA and Switzerland, and has shown her illustrations, paintings and sculptures in various solo and group exhibitions across the world. website :

Paola Beck


Starting Rate 850 € for a single bed in a shared room

This unique retreat will take place in a charming private villa, in the South of the Island close to Porto-Vecchio (Figari airport). Rates are all inclusive (excluding flights) and airport transfers from Figari/airport or the Port of Porto-Vecchio are also included. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at


Painting by Paola Beck
to new beginnings
Painting By Paola Beck
Art Paola Beck





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