Clara Daviet Portrait of a Yogi with a Vision – Balasana

At Destination Namaste A Propos / About we support people that are making a difference and Clara Daviet from Balasana is definitely doing just that! Meet the founder, director and designer at Balasana® the first Yoga clothing brand that is 100% made in France and eco-friendly.


Clara started her career in the luxury industry sharing her knowledge and passion for well-being. She has worked in top fashion houses, including Dior in the Plaza Athénée and La Prairie at the Spa du Bristol in Paris. After a trip to Australia that sparked an idea for a new project, she decided to follow her intuition and leave Paris for Cannes, where she would launch Balasana.

astuces-bienêtreAn avid yogi for many years already, Clara values discovery and progress in her yoga practice, while aiming to uphold the values of yoga, including constantly seeking ways to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. She soon discovered that there were a very limited number of ethical, eco-friendly and stylish yoga wear options on the market.

This is how Clara came up with the idea to create her own brand of high-quality, locally-produced yoga wear, blending classic French elegance and charm with ethical and eco-friendly manufacturing practices. Clara mindfully and gradually became an entrepreneur, holding fast to the values of minimalism and determination. Her guiding principles are living a healthy lifestyle with just what you really need, this became the inspiration for her ambitious project and gave birth to Balasana.

Clara Daviet

About her garments

Wearing a Balasana®, garment means wearing a high-quality, locally-produced piece of clothing that is 100% made in France and looks great before, during and after yoga class! All of the materials that she uses for her garments are vegan: she does not use any wool, silk or leather.

  • Balasana fabrics are eco-friendly and ethically-produced, and have been carefully designed to be:
  • Comfortable : made of super-soft fabric to provide optimal comfort and a full range of movement
  • Practical : Fast-drying
  • Soft : It’s a key feature of organic cotton – it’s extra-extra soft and anti-allergenic
  • All suppliers have been selected by Balasana® with the utmost of care, and were chosen for their eco-friendly manufacturing processes, taking into account:
  • The use of products that are safe for people and for the environment
  • Waste water treatment practices
  • Recycling practices
  • Energy-saving initiatives
  • Weaving, dyeing, sewing, embroidery, and label production all take place in France, with a conscious and artisanal approach:
  • GOTS-certified organic cotton is produced in Aube
  • Breathable Oeko-Tex fabrics are produced in Rhône
  • 100% natural linen is produced in Maine-et-Loire
  • Patterns and production takes place in Vendée
  • Embroidery is done in Alpes-MaritimesIf you like Clara’s story and would like to support her have a look at her website to learn more:

Destination Namaste Retraites en Corse – FR

Clara Daviet
Clara Daviet

Article – Lara Boshoff


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