What has Theresa been up to in 2016 since Corsica?

Teaching Yoga in Corsica and co hosting a Yoga and Well being retreat with Lara was truly a life changing and incredible experience. It left me hungry for more opportunities to share the magic of Yoga in unique destinations all over the world.

Following Corsica I was able to co host a Yoga retreat with Happy Puppy events at Rotavi Game Lodge. Not far outside of Johannesburg, Rotavi is the ideal setting for tranquility, game viewing, good food and of course daily Yoga practice.


Being surrounded by vast open spaces, animals such as Giraffe, gemsbok, springbok and kudu (to name a few) reminds me as a South African how spoilt we are in our natural habitat.The itinerary included morning and evening Yoga classes, game drives, three healthy, nutritious meals, including dinner around the camp fire in true South African tradition: a ‘braai.’

By removing ourselves from our regular daily hustle and bustle, settling into nature, be it countryside, wildlife or serene beaches, gives our natural intuition a space to deepen our Yoga practice. Fewer distractions and the beauty of mother nature return us to a deeper spiritual space. Allowing us to truly unwind, destress and take a break from all of our usual day to day demands.


Following Rotavi the next adventure was Mauritius. Living in a city like Johannesburg means there is a constant energy, as exciting and invigorating as it is, I often long for sea air, beaches and the sound of waves. There is something about an ocean view that automatically makes my shoulders drop. The beaches in Mauritius were ideal for morning and evening Yoga practice. Despite going in the winter time, the days were still warm, the sea water welcoming and the venue perfect for much needed down time.


Most recently I hosted a pop up Yoga class in Cape Town. A truly breath taking city in South Africa. Each time I visit I can’t help but ask myself why I still live in Johannesburg! This trip I could really connect with so many of the similarities between Corsica and Cape Town. Our mountains, the fynbos, the expansive coastlines.


With each retreat or class in a unique location, never mind my regular teaching at my studio, I have met such amazing, wonderful people. I have learnt so much about my role as a Yoga teacher, where I can improve and how to better not only my teaching but my own practice.The more I learn and experience, the more I am humbled. With each adventure I realise I have only just scratched the surface of a life long journey of body, mind and spirit.You can expect more exciting events, retreats and offerings in 2017.


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