Mornings with Destination Namaste


Each morning begins with a gentle wake up, herbal teas are served before your morning Vinyasa Flow class starts.
Morning Yoga practice is 90min. Class will begin with some basic breathing exercises, a slow warm up building up towards your Vinyasa Flow practice.
What is Vinyasa Flow Yoga ?
Vinyasa Flow Yoga is based on the principles of Ashtanga Vinyasa, Iyengar and Viniyoga systems. It is a very modern style of Yoga that allows the teacher a lot of creativity when it comes to sequencing a class. 
It is an invigorating practice designed to elevate your heart rate, restore concentration and focus, finishing off with a grounding seated sequence and cool down, too finish off with your meditative savasana pose. 
It has five main ingredients:
1. ASANA: Postures or poses
2. VINYASA: How the poses/postures are linked together to form a sequence
3. PRANAYAMA: The type of breath, for Vinyasa this is UJJAYI breath which is practiced by keeping the mouth closed and the air moving in and out through the nostrils. 
4. BANDHAS: More commonly referred to as ‘locks.’ Which help guide energy through the body. 
5. DRISHTI: Your gaze, the focal point of your eyes during your practice.

The class will be followed by a delicious, healthy and nutritious breakfast.
Below are some pictures taken from a previous Pop Up Yoga Brunch hosted by Destination Namaste.
An outdoor Yoga class hosted in a tranquil venue in Johannesburg, followed by a brunch menu below:
Muesli Parfait served with fresh fruit platters
Freshly baked Gluten free muffins
Oat cookies served with honey and organic peanut butter
Apple and mint Iced tea
Our signature Iced coffee made with Espresso and Almond milk

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