Life in the City : JOZI – Johannesburg

I have had the privilege of living in three different provinces in South Africa: Kwazulu Natal, the Western Cape and Gauteng.
Johannesburg has a palpable energy, something so tangible and even more African than the mountains of Cape Town and the warm seas of the North coast in Natal. We don’t have ocean views or glorious mountains but rather ever changing skylines littered with building cranes and construction sites.
It is the biggest city and capital of the Gauteng province. With over 3 million people calling this bustling metropolis home.
Johannesburg, aka Jozi, is the hustle and bustle of Southern Africa. Attracting people from countries such as the Congo, Mozambique and Botswana, just to name a few. Egoli, the city of Gold, once a thriving mining community, we have had our fair shares of highs and lows. Moments that fill you with pride and moments that make you wish you could call some where else home.
But thats the problem, it settles in your blood. Your internal rhythms connect to this frenetic, diverse, struggling city. Anywhere else feels slow in comparison.
Amazing art galleries, african markets, night life, top hotels and inner city developments, it really does have something for everyone. Not to mention phenomenal Game lodges not far away such as Kruger park.
But most of all it is the people living in Jozi that create the pulse I call home. Friendly, welcoming, ever enthusiastic to sway your misperceptions that the city is worth bypassing as a tourist.
Yes we do have street beggars, yes our traffic lights often aren’t working, yes load shedding effects us and drives us mad, but with its millions of trees, magnificent gardens in many suburbs, Jozi residents remain proud and optimistic.
Here are some of my most favourite destinations in Jozi :
Maboneng Precint: Urban neighbourhood where businesses, visitors and residents connect to the heart and essence of Jozi.
Neighbourhoods market: Flea and Street Markets with delicious Artisan crafts, food, beer and cocktails.
Satyagraha House: Speciality Museum and Boutique Hotel, former home of Gandhi
44 Stanley: Bespoke shopping centre, super place for Breakfast and
SAB World of Beer: Speciality museum and tasting tour

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