The Healing powers of Water

Water therapy has been used for 1000’s of years by both traditional Chinese andIndian cultures. It is popular in Japanese and Ayurvedic medicines.
Our bodies are made up of approximately 70% water. Drinking water is healthy and vital to our survival. How the water is prepared and consumed, the time of day and the amount of water that is ingested all attribute to how well the body is healed and hydrated. 
We need water to maintain the functions of several systems in our bodies, but watercan also heal and cleanse the body.
But what about being surrounded or submerged in water? Why do we long for beach holidays and associate so much of relaxation with an ocean view? Think of how you feel when surrounded by lakes, natural pools, rivers and the horizon of an ocean? The soothing sounds of running water, crashing waves or a even a simple garden fountain.
Water stimulates our natural ability to relax and only once the body is in a relaxed state, can it begin to heal. Our bodies become more cooperative in water, which makes it a powerful tool to release stress.
Much like human nature, water is flowing, changing, self aware and resilient. 
Whether you realise it or not, you most probably already practice forms of hydro therapy in your own home. I can’t wait to soak my sore and tired muscles in a hot bath, when I know I need a quick pick me up or wake up call, nothing beats a cold shower to get the blood flow going!
Remember the last time you swam in the ocean? How good it felt to float with the current and dive under the waves, literally sweeping your troubles out to sea! Natural fresh water pools leave your skin feeling better than most beauty treatments.
Acknowledge water, bring awareness to the quality of water you drink, if you live in a city, find time to be in a swimming pool or spend that extra ten minutes in a hot bath.
Destination Namaste is aware of the incredible healing powers of water. Which makes us even more excited to share with you the amazing natural water pools, hikes in the mountains with views of the ocean’s horizon and  yoga classes on thebeach. 
Join us for an incredible experience on this unique island located in the heart of theMediterranean.

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