What is Restorative Yoga?

Destination Namaste facilitates morning Vinyasa Flow Yoga classes and evening Restorative sessions during the retreat.

But what is Restorative Yoga and what can you expect?

Restorative Yoga is exactly that: restorative. The class is focused on centring the breath and body by slowing down your practice so that both the physical and mental elements of the body can align. Movements are gentle, held for extended periods of time and often props are used to assist the extended asanas.

We often forget that simply slowing things down and softening our practice can reap tremendous rewards. In our modern day lifestyles of instant gratification it has become uncomfortable to sit still, to be alone in our thoughts. Nurturing our bodies seems a thing of the past.

Stillness has so many benefits.

Regular restorative practice provides an even deeper level of relaxation. It is a space to slow down the hectic pace of life these days, a space to reflect and encourage mindfulness. A slower practice can increase body awareness, it allows us time to notice the more subtle changes in our bodies.

When movement connects to the breath it acts as a powerful trigger on the Parasympathetic Nervous System, creating an overall calming effect.

Still not sure what to expect?

Check out the link below and why not give this short Restorative sequence, taught by Theresa Moodie, a try?


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