The Hummingbird – Upcycling

Definition: to upcycle– “reuse discarded objects or material in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value than the original”

Sharing conscious minded ways of life and of how people make this world a better place, is at the heart of The Hummingbirds story. This is once again a beautiful example of people choosing to be that Hummingbird. When I saw photos of this project, I fell in love with it instantly. Absolutely had to find out what the story behind the picture was, to be able to support their cause and share it with you.

Ocean Sole, is a flip flop recycling company based in Kenya. They use old washed out flip flops that they collect on the littered beaches and waterways of the Eastern African coast of Kenya. These washed up flip flops have become a real danger to the environment and maritime life, in the surrounding areas. The community has gotten involved to collect them and gifted artists transform them into beautiful, 100% hand crafted, colourful lions, giraffes, rhinos, sharks, dolphins and many more. Please support them and adopt the colourful animal of your choice, we’ve got the whole animal kingdom in there. 10% of the benefits also go to Ocean Sole foundation. 

Contact : Marula Studios -Nairobi, Kenya –





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