Ujjayi Breath

During a Yoga class the instructor will often make reference to Ujjayi breath. Now for a beginner or someone attending a Yoga class purely for the physical benefits, this might sound quite strange.

The sanskrit word Ujjayi translated means ‘to become victorious’. It is a heating breath which warms the whole body. Within a Vinyasa yoga practice this style of pranayama is used to encourage a connection between breath and movement.

How to practice Ujjayi Breath:

Ujjayi breath is practiced by inhaling and exhaling through your nose while keeping the mouth closed. A soft hissing sound is created in the back of the throat. The main idea is to create a rhythmic tempo for your breath that can be maintained throughout the Yoga class.

Some of the benefits of Ujjayi breath :

– It improves concentration and focus

– Instills endurance that encourages a flowing practice by lending a      meditative synchronicity that maintains a rhythm for the class.

– By focusing on your breath you stay in the present moment.

– The heat that is generated by Ujjayi breath makes stretching safer.

– The inner organs can be cleansed of toxins that may have accumulated.

– A focused Ujjayi breath can release tension and tight areas in the body.



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