Why Corsica

I discovered Corsica during my first season at sea. We were sailing at night, under a full moon, there were dolphins jumping about in the reflection of the moonlight. I was hypnotized by the pure, wild and rugged beauty of this island ( In French, it is called, Île de Beauté meaning Island of Beauty).It felt as if I had discovered, the undiscovered; a jewel in the middle of the Mediterranean, and only a 1h30-hour flight from Paris.

Four years down the line, as life so graciously delivers I ended up moving here, where I still live today.  As a traveller, I can honestly say there is something magical about this place. The spirit of Corsica has been compared to places like India, Nepal, Myanmar and Peru. Positions of the world that reveal the necessity for purity in oneself, and truth, making it the perfect place for a retreat; which is why we choose it
for ours in 2016.

Corsica is a mountain in the sea, allowing for a vast variety of landscapes from the tip of the mountain, to the edge of the sea. For nature lovers it is nirvana. With breathtaking landscapes, an abundance of natural granite formations, a multitude of hiking trails in the “maquis” (a type of fauna and flora which smells heavenly in the Spring, and can only be found in Corsica), white sandy beaches where you can find solitude, and limitless time and space; a perfect place for yoga lessons… A true hidden treasure that we would like to share with you.



Are we on another planet?
Bonifacio on a cloudy day



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