The Birth of Destination Namaste

The birth of this unique retreat came about with the reuniting of two old friends, Theresa Moodie and Lara Boshoff. They were in high school together in the vineyards of Stellenbosch, South-Africa. Since the first day they met, they had one of those instant connections. A friendship that went beyond words, age or interests. The meeting of two old souls that felt they had known each other forever.

After school, Theresa and Lara went their separate ways in life, losing touch as so often happens. Yet 14 years down the line Lara checked her inbox and saw a mail from Tree (Theresa) that said she was is London, and ‘could they meet up somewhere in France’. One week after that mail, they made it happen and were able to meet in the South of France. It felt like just yesterday that they had last seen each other!

After catching up a bit and comparing notes they realised they shared a common passion in the same field. They immediately jumped on the opportunity to combine their unique fields of expertise and sense of adventure. The perfect manifestation to start it all : a yoga retreat in Corsica! It was clear that this serendipitous meeting proved that it was something they needed to do, their small share for the greater good.

This space and blog in part dedicated to their future retreats and workshops, yet also a platform to promote more conscious ways of living. Sharing ideas to help make choices in day to day life that are more respectful to the environment and the world we live in. By the food we eat, products we use, taking care of our mind and body.

Therefore self-transformation is also a key process, Destination Namaste holds close to its heart, as we are strong advocates of Gandhi’s famous words “be the change you want to see in the world” it starts with you.

14 Years down the line

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